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IU-Bloomington Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma

All About Us

Meaning of the Crest

The crest represents the symbols of the society. The torch and book are emblematic of scholarship; the pyramid, of strength; and the gold star, of noble character. The chain links the symbols together; indicating that all three must be combined in a person who would attain the highest development. The Greek words on the scroll form the motto of the organization: “Knowledge is Power.” The key displays the colors of the society. 
On a background of gold there appears, in black enamel the three Greek letters that form the name of our society: Phi Eta Sigma. They represent the basis of our selection of members in that they mean literally, “Lovers of Wisdom.”

Our Vision & Purpose

We stress not only the importance of scholastic achievement, but the importance of three elements required for your complete development as individuals: (1) vigor and discipline of the mind, (2) care and respect for the body, and (3) nobility and generosity of character. The qualities of character that we emphasize are: truth, helpfulness, courage, and charity toward others. 



Any full-time IU student is eligible for membership if they achieve a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher during either semester of the first year of college.​


  • An outward recognition of personal accomplishment and an incentive for continued high scholarship.​

  • The opportunity to meet scholars from all academic disciplines on your campus and to join them in promoting academic excellence and campus and community service.​

  • Identifies you to employers, professionals, and graduate schools as a person of superior academic ability and commitment.

  • Local chapter and national leadership opportunities.

  • A national scholarship program awarded to deserving applicants – six or more $7,000 graduate scholarships; thirty-seven or more $5,000 undergraduate scholarships; and one or more $1,000 undergraduate awards.

  • A $10,000 Scholar-Leader-of-The-Year Award chosen from the pool of scholarship applicants.

  • Chapter scholarships and awards.

  • A one-time fee for lifetime membership.​

  • A certificate and golden key of membership.

  • A national convention and leadership workshops – National pays registration fee, hotel housing, convention meals, and regional entertainment for one chapter adviser and one student delegate representing each active chapter.

  • Top quality national publications.

  • Official Society jewelry, fashion collections, and academic regalia.

  •  No required service or activity commitment; involvement is entirely voluntary

IU-Bloomington Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma

All About Us

IU Bloomington Chapter of
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society

All About Us

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