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IU-Bloomington Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma

All About Us

Meaning of the Crests

The crests represent the symbols of each honor society.


On the Phi Eta Sigma crest (on the left above), the torch and book are emblematic of scholarship; the pyramid, of strength; and the gold star, of noble character. The chain links the symbols together; indicating that all three must be combined in a person who would attain the highest development. The Greek words on the scroll form the motto of the organization: “Knowledge is Power.” The key displays the colors of the society. On a background of gold there appears, in black enamel the three Greek letters that form the name of our society: Phi Eta Sigma. They represent the basis of our selection of members in that they mean literally, “Lovers of Wisdom.”

The Alpha Lambda Delta crest (on the right above) depicts an open book at the top from which gold lines radiate. On the shield is a red-tipped white candle in a gold candleholder with eight pearls on its base. Across the shield is a gold band with the greek letters, Alpha Lambda Delta, in black. The words, Alpha Lambda Delta, are inscribed in black below the shield. The symbols reflect a passage from Plato's Republic in which Socrates asks the question, “Will they hold torches and pass them to one another?,” and the idea (symbolized by the candle) of sharing the love of learning with others.

Our Vision & Purpose

We stress not only the importance of scholastic achievement, but the importance of three elements required for your complete development as individuals: (1) vigor and discipline of the mind, (2) care and respect for the body, and (3) nobility and generosity of character. The qualities of character that we emphasize are: truth, helpfulness, courage, and charity toward others. 



Any full-time IU student is eligible for membership if they achieve a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher during either semester of the first year of college.​


  • Membership in the two oldest and largest national honor societies recognizing academic achievement in all fields of study during the first year of college

  • An outward recognition of personal accomplishment and an incentive for continued high scholarship.

  • The opportunity to meet scholars from all academic disciplines on your campus and to join them in promoting academic excellence and campus and community service

  • Recognition by employers, professionals, and graduate schools of you as a person of superior academic ability and commitment

  • Local chapter and national leadership opportunities

  • Two national scholarship programs awarding more than $500,000 to deserving applicants

  • Local chapter scholarships and awards

  • A one-time fee for lifetime membership in both honor societies

  • Membership certificates and jewelry (keys and pins) for both national honor societies

  • National and regional conventions and workshops

  • Top quality national publications

  • Official society jewelry, fashion collections, and academic regalia

  • No required service or activity commitment; involvement is entirely voluntary and not required for membership

IU-Bloomington Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma

All About Us

IU Bloomington Chapter of
Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta
National Honor Societies

All About Us

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